He even calls himself adolescentulus when twenty-seven  » Orat. II faut observer a ce sujet qu’il existe des bronzes de petit module a types pareils, tandis qu’on ne rencontre pas de bronze parmi les monnaies grecques des rois de Carie. Ancient anti- quaries, in support of the baptism of Constantine, used to quote some coins with the supposed legend BAP. I do not myself see any reason to doubt that these signs were intended for the Christian monogram, though at this period of the reign of Constantine expressed on the coinage in somewhat a latent manner. A curious variety of this medal, similar in type to a has the legend within two lines, both inside the pearled border Cat. An Account of certain Scotch Coins and.

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Sol invictus is represented on the imperial coins, either clothed or unclothed, with a radiated head and a globe in his hand. The type also occurs on the coins of Constantius II. Edict to abolish gladiators. John Harris Gibson, Esq. The Havs Cochet, F. Of his successor the following one is recorded. Helmeted bust of Licinius I.

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, London. Wingate was a man of singularly generous impulse, and in all his dealings guided by a sense of honour almost chivalrous in its integrity.

This is figured by Mezeray vol. In concluding these introductory remarks, I must, once for all. On the marriage of Mary and Darnley the following medal was struck: Head radiated, to left ; bust with paludament. Eodem Licinius advenit, ut acciperet uxorem.


What a Girl Wants Bande son (2003) BO

F M in monogram crowned between two stars of six points waved. On Inedited Roman Coins, of M.

have i told you lately matt acheson

De Bie gives one somewhat similar Tab. On the 27th of October of the same year, 26 Maxentius, the son of Maximian Hercules, assumed the title of Augustus at Rome, and rebelled against Severus. See also Catalogue of the Borrell Collection, London,p. Irrespective of his merits as a lawyer, it may be added that the late Mr.

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With regard to the later English coinage, Mr. Figured lateky the Pembroke Plates, p. Well known as a marine insurance broker, of the firm of Messrs. Kenyon in thinking that an issue of fairly struck and barbarous coins went on for many years simultaneously, and regret that a characteristic coin of John has not been selected for engraving.

The medal exists in the Cab.

Wingate the dispersion of his collection was a source of unalloyed pleasure. Bassianus was summarily punished.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Lagely not the least interesting part of the book, from a historian’s point of view, is that which describes the coins of the yku dynasties of Spain. Ainsi s’explique aussi pourquoi Ada, detronee par Pixodare, s’empressa, a 1’arrivee d’Alexandre le Grand, d’adopter le roi de Macedoine afin de recouvrer par son appui 1’autorite qui lui etait eehappee.

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The following medals belong to the first branch of the subject: It is difficult to suppose that such coins as these were ever issued for circulation as money from any mint, some natt them having neither head nor legend on the obverse side.


DE, 39, Rue d’Amsterdam, Paris. The piece with eight rays proves nothing, and we have seen that on the helmet of Constantino I. Head finds reason for assigning to an earlier period than does M.

Figure with radiated head, stand- ing to left ; right hand uplifted ; in left hand, a scourge. It was sometimes used to distinguish the younger of two persons Cses.

Full text of « The numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society »

A Guide to the Royal Architectural Museum. It is on her hand-bell preserved at Kennet, lztely also on the signet ring now in the British Museum. It is also mentioned by Nicolson  » Scot. One coin, of Hold, seems to have been first struck, on what is now the reverse side, with an obverse stamp of the same emperor.

have i told you lately matt acheson

According to our Secretary’s Report, our numbers are therefore as follows: We are not prepared to deny that many of the coins here cited by M. The spot where they were found is in lateoy parish of Sel borne, half-way magt Alton and Petersfield, on the western border tld Woolmer Forest, about a quarter of a mile N. The Zeitschrift fur Numismatik.